Cherry Tomato Miso Sauce

Cherry Tomatoes
















Tomato season is on it’s last leg here in southern Tennessee but there are still a few cherry tomatoes hanging around our community garden (that is, until my son walks by and won’t leave until he has eaten every ripe one in view!). This fact makes preserving that fresh tomato flavor for the winter all the more pressing.


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Mustard Green Harissa

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I purchased a bag of tender mustard greens at Allandale Farm last week but then I got sick and haven’t been able to eat much. Never one to let food go to waste, I decided to make this sauce and freeze it to enjoy when I am feeling better.┬áHarissa is a Tunisian hot chili pepper paste which typically includes some type of fresh herb (parsley, mint, cilantro), spices (cumin, coriander, caraway) and garlic. I added mustard greens and a few other ingredients to suit my tastes, but you should really experiment and add what you enjoy.

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