Green Cherry Tomato Chutney

Cherry Tomatoes
















Have you ever done something, knowing it wasn’t a good idea from the get-go, but you do it anyways? That basically describes my daily decision making process. Luckily, most of these ideas are pretty innocent. Case in point – I am relatively new to gardening but still should have know better than to put tomato plants in my 4′ x 12′ raised bed. I mean, how big can a tomato plant really get? Well, it turns out, freaking huge. Like, the wing span of an eagle huge (ok, I have no idea how big an eagle’s wing span is, but the plants reached at least 3 feet long in two directions, so it was probably close). In the end, the two cherry tomato plants, along with 4 tomatillo plants (which also should not have planted in a raised bed, duh) took over about two-thirds of the garden. You can hardly tell what is going on in the picture below but as you can see, the plants spilled out in all directions.

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