Persian Zucchini Bread
















It’s the height of summer produce here in southern Tennessee which means gardens and markets are full of tomatoes, okra, peppers, melons, beans…and summer squash. Although summer squash (which includes zucchini) is abundant and relatively cheap it isn’t very exciting to cook. There are endless ways to prepare it – pasta, fritters, soup, pickles, the list goes on (and on) – but it is still the last thing left in the produce drawer at the end of the week.

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Garam Masala Apple Quick Bread

















It’s apple season (and has been for a while) here in southern Tennessee. My son and I went apple picking a couple week ago at Wheeler’s Orchard¬†and came home with at least 20 pounds. We have eaten a lot of them raw but I turned some into an apple crisp, homemade applesauce, fermented apple & fennel relish and now this quick bread.


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Chive & Paprika Yogurt Flatbread

Chive & Yogurt Flatbread
















My 7-month-old son has been quite the inspiration for my new recipes lately. I really enjoy thinking of new ways to feed him that are both nutritious for him and easy on me. I wanted to introduce whole grains and dairy but that isn’t easy when trying to let your baby feed himself (we are roughly following Baby Led Weaning approach). After the bread has cooled, cut into strips and voila, wholesome baby bread sticks!

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