“Salvaged Tomato” Tomato Stock

Salvaged Tomato Stock
















Our community garden planted rows of tomatoes this summer. The plants are huge and look really healthy but unfortunately, most of the fruit has blossom-end rot. This shows up in my picture as the black spots on the end of the tomatoes. It can be caused by various factors (chemical imbalance, uneven watering, acidic soil) and can happen to peppers, cucumbers and melon as well. A quick internet search provides one with several remedies but when I was discussing this problem with other gardeners this summer, I heard Epsom salt mentioned repeatedly. Epsom salt provides magnesium to depleted soil so this is something we will have to test for before next summer.

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Veggie Scraps + Turmeric Vegetable Broth Recipe

Veg Scrap Broth



While I was looking for a way to use up my stockpile of fresh turmeric, I also realized my freezer was about to burst apart at the seams with all of the vegetable trimmings I have been stashing away. Do you save vegetable scraps? I keep a plastic bag in the freezer, making it easy to toss in roots, stems, leaves, and peels as I go. Once the bag is full, I simply dump it into a stockpot with a mix of herbs and spices, and let simmer for about 30 minutes (don’t overcook it!). Easy squeezy.


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